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Cromwell is situated on the banks of Lake Dunstan, a vibrant modern town, yet its roots reach all the way back to the gold rush era of the 1800s. For those wishing to explore this history ‘Old Cromwell Town’ provides a captivating experience for visitors.

During the 80s and 90s, Cromwell underwent an overhaul with the Clyde Dam power station being created. The construction of this scheme was finished in 1992, causing the valley behind it to be inundated and form Lake Dunstan. Consequently, the original settlement of Cromwell and its associated historic business district located where the Kawarau and Clutha Rivers met, is now lying at the bottom of this lake.


Shipping Containers For Sale & Lease in Cromwell

Shipping containers are utilized by businesses & individuals in Cromwell for a variety of purposes. All you have to do is inform NZ Containers of your particular requirements and they will be able to provide the right container for you. Common applications include:

  • Hazardous goods like sprays, solvents, paint etc.
  • Home offices for remote staff
  • Construction site offices,
  • Cafes, popups etc
  • Other living spaces, such as self-contained rental units, granny flats etc.

Containers are now widely recognised as the most economical and useful construction material globally, including in New Zealand. A stroll through many towns will reveal that they have been fashioned into all kinds of establishments, such as cafes, outlets and offices. Stacking them can give a creative look to the towns with their unique motifs and forms.

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