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Shipping Container Modifications

NZ Containers have a growing number of satisfied customers throughout the South Island who have taken advantage of their shipping container modification service. Shipping Containers are robust, durable and versatile units, and can be turned into practical spaces such as sleepouts, workshops and even retail stores or coffee shops!

As long as your imagination and budget allow it, the possibilities of utilising shipping containers for your needs are endless!

What Shipping Container Modifications Are Available?

NZ Containers offer 10ft, 20ft and 40ft standard units. All suitable for container modification projects, depending on your needs and specific use case.

You may opt to use one size or combine them for larger-scale applications, such as portable buildings or workshops. Not only that, you can opt for standard-height containers or high-cube-height containers for greater capacity and increased options.

Say goodbye to walls and hello to new door and window possibilities. Whether you’re allowing more natural light, improving ventilation or installing roller or sliding doors, our specialists can help make your shipping container modification idea a reality. Call us today and let’s get the ball rolling.

Modified 20 Ft Container
Roller Door & Electrical

A common request is to modify a new build 20 foot shipping container and install a roller door for side access, install electrical power points and lighting.

This is a really popular configuration for…

  • Agricultural Storage 
  • Onsite Workshops
  • Garden Shed’s
  • Secure lockups

This unit comes complete with a Warrant of Electrical Fitness (EWOF).

Simply connect your container to the mains via a caravan electrical plug and you have lighting and single-phase electricity via two internal power points. 

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Click on images to enlarge

Modified 40 Ft Container
Triple Roller Doors

For those with larger storage requirements, a modified 40ft shipping container with triple roller doors is a fantastic option.

This allows for the container to be divided but you retain access, without the heavy shipping container doors.

This is a really popular configuration for…

  • Container Shelters
  • Farming Workshops
  • Secure Construction Storage
  • etc.

Modified 20 Ft Container
Custom Signage & Shelving

What better way to advertise your business than to turn your modified shipping container into a billboard?

In this instance a popular building materials company has requested we add shelving for the different grades of timber for storage, and at the same time display their business logo and web address proudly.

A modified shipping container can be painted and sign written to your requirements.

Please be mindful that the cooler and sometimes wet South Island weather in winter can lengthen the drying time for custom paint work. So please plan for potentially longer lead times at different times of the year.

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