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Shipping Container Modifications

What Shipping Container Accessories Are Available?

Accessories are a great way to quickly and easily modify your container to your own need and specification with out completing a full modification. There are a large variety of accessories to choose from to include in Shipping Containers.

Air Vents

Keeping items in shipping containers for a long time without opening them can be risky, as condensation can damage the goods that you are storing.

To create a comfortable atmosphere and keep everything safe, it’s important to install an efficient ventilation system that ensures air flows naturally and reduces temperature levels.

A lack of airflow for a period can lead to condensation resulting in corrosion, and mould accumulation.

To minimise these risks through temperature and humidity fluctuation, ventilation systems designed by professionals or for self-installation are available – it’s really that easy!

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Modified 40 Ft Container
Triple Roller Doors

For those with larger storage requirements, a modified 40ft shipping container with triple roller doors is a fantastic option.

This allows for the container to be divided but you retain access, without the heavy shipping container doors.

This is a really popular configuration for…

  • Container Shelters
  • Farming Workshops
  • Secure Construction Storage
  • etc.

Modified 20 Ft Container
Custom Signage & Shelving

What better way to advertise your business than to turn your modified shipping container into a billboard?

In this instance a popular building materials company has requested we add shelving for the different grades of timber for storage, and at the same time display their business logo and web address proudly.

A modified shipping container can be painted and sign written to your requirements.

Please be mindful that the cooler and sometimes wet South Island weather in winter can lengthen the drying time for custom paint work. So please plan for potentially longer lead times at different times of the year.

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